Love is:

Love is: your mother coming to your house every day you are on bed rest, while pregnant with twin boys starting at week 26–to make you breakfast, check in on you and chat so you are not lonely and not worrying alone about ensuring your babies stay inside to cook a little longer…

Love is: coming over to your house every day after the twin boys were born to make sure you had a small cup of coffee and a shower before starting the next 9 hours of infant twin parenting alone…

Love is: your mother sending you care packages in the mail when you are in college, filled with love and nurturing notes of encouragement. Then sending you sweet cards of ‘you can do it honey’ during finals weeks.

Love is:  the look on your mothers face when she looks at you and you know, deep down, how tenderly you are loved and adored.

Love is:  the feeling of comfort and joy when you are sitting in the presence of you mom; feeling ever so deeply connected that you just know your souls are speaking to one another.

Love is: your mother coming to all your little league softball games, high school field hockey and softball games – the unconditional love there – present – for all the ups and downs that come with being a teen athlete.

Love is: your mom showing you how to love others – by loving you so deeply and fully- that there is no doubt in your mind you are the most important person in her universe.

Love is: your mom making you your favorite meal for your birthday, along with the same; home made birthday cake you have been enjoying for many fun and love filled birthdays.

Love is: being taught to celebrate the big and small things in life; that there are small joys to be had every single day; if we all just take the time to be still, and experience them.

Love is: learning to meditate along side your mother at age 8.

Love is: a feeling in your heart, and soul.

Love is: my mother.


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