Valentines day is not just for couples

February….. My mom was so loving and kind and caring around valentines day. When I was 11 years old for valentines day she got my brother and I Cabbage Patch kids–after that intense christmas where everyone wanted one and they sold out. And in college she sent cards and small gifts. As an adult she bought a book I would love and a Starbucks gift card. I just find all the love love love in this month wonderful and missing her greatly.
My mom loved Showing her love in ways both big and small. Last year for Christmas she bought me an amazing rain jacket and then… For Valentines — lovely floral rain boots. That’s the thing. She gets to know you– deeply– and she showers you with love and thoughtful gifts…. That make living without her breathing self – the worst pain of my life. It feel unbearable actually. Palpable.
Valentines day is not just for couples. It’s for all love.


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